Refund Policy

Last updated: August 2021

Refunds Policy

Failed SWAP:

What happens to the Bullion not redeemed within twenty-four hours of SWAP or on the date of delivery by the user?

  • The bullion is credited back after adjusted to the day’s price of the bullion as the case may be.

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Other Relevant Terms
  1. Receipts are generated on behalf of the bullion dealer by the TruCard platform any discrepancy in the invoice should be notified on the details mentioned in the contacts.
  2. All transaction related issues would be dealt by the payment gateways in case of the deductions from the bank account, credit card of the consumer which were not authorized by the consumer or the user. This is related to unauthorized transactions as defined under the banking transactions protocols.
  3. Refund policy – Any refunds in the above situation will be initiated only in case the account of the company is credited.
  4. Further, the refunds will be made to the consumer in case any discrepancy is found in the specifications of the goods sold by the platform.
  5. Denominations- all denominations of the coins and bars are subjected to the availability with the bullion dealers.

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