About Us

Who are we?

A passionate, experienced and diverse community of real people, the TruCard team specializes in putting our customers’ interests first and providing comfort.

By creating access to assets like gold & silver, we are committed to help build your financial wellness and set you up for financial freedom.

What makes us special?

We’ve got it all for you.

TruCard is helping us shift towards a more stable world economy by democratizing access to gold & silver and growing your savings. TruCard offers all-in-one convenience to customer in their fingertips.

TruCard is the only app that allows you to buy,
save, and spend gold & silver near real-time and has a card that can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. We have no minimum and complies with all industry regulations.

Our Mission

At TruCard we offer an innovative platform thats an interplay of finance and tech and with intrinsic value backed by gold and silver.

Our mission is to offer everyone (we mean, everyone) a simple and proven way of growing the savings.

Our goal is to offer everyone (we mean everyone) a proven approach.

With no minimums, you can invest effortlessly and can put your mind to ease. You can grow your savings by as much 9% annually.

Through our platform, you have the added convenience of drawing upon your savings anyplace and anytime via the issued Visa card.

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