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TruCard is building financial wellness through digital assets!

Return on saving are not guaranteed.

Through TruCard, you can seamlessly save in e-gold & silver TruCoins that are backed by physical gold & silver!

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Enter your profile details to register and get started with savings as little as ₹100 in TruCoins.

Grow Your Money

TruCoins are backed by physical gold & silver and can help you insulate from inflation of paper money, with an avg. return of 5 to 14% per year.

Shop and Earn

Earn loyalty points and rewards in TruCoins when you shop with our partners.


Through the mobile app, you can use TruCoins to conduct “banking” transactions in near real-time like P2P & money transfers, shop anywhere, and convert TruCoins to fiat currency and withdraw to your existing bank account all at your convenience.

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TruCard is backed by Industry Experts & Accelerators to advance our mission.

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Trucard is partnered by industry experts

Why save in

Make a safer saving

Traditional savings account does not yield high return. Cryptos are too volatile. TruCoins are safer bets and owning digital assets backed by physical gold & silver creates a balanced portfolio whilst taking advantageous of promises unlocked by DeFi.

Stay protected from volatility

Financial crisis create inverse correlation on bullion assets even in its digital form hence your saving stay insulated and continues to grow.

Digitizing Savings & Currency

With The future of owning gold is digital for both unlocking savings and to provide needed flexibility (transparency, security, privacy) and more importantly as a medium of exchange aka digital currency.

Did you know the Rupee lost almost 100% of its purchasing power in the last 60 years?

To put things into perspective, 100 rupees in 1958 is now worth ₹0.001 rupees. That’s inflation.

However, 10 grams of gold bought in 1958 is now worth ₹42,832.00. That’s a sound savings!

Not convinced?

Let’s compare your current status quo

Traditional Banks Neo Banks
SBI 2.75% APY NiYO 7.00% APY
HDFC 3.50% APY 811 by Kotak 4.00% APY
ICICI 3.50% APY Digibank by DBS 3.50% APY
Kotak Mahindra 3.50% APY Yono by SBI 2.70% APY
PNB 3.00% APY Finin 5.00% APY

Sources: https://ibsintelligence.com/ibsi-news/4-top-neobanks-in-india-innovating-in-the-banking-space/

Depending on who you bank, the payout on your savings account is less.

The average interest rate on a savings account is very low – low enough that your savings won’t keep pace with the annual inflation rate of 7.24%.

Unlock your possibilities
with TruCard

At TruCard we are democratizing access to buying e-gold & silver so the ordinary citizens (that’s you and I) can save and grow our hard earned money.

With an average annual return on savings of 9%*, you can unlock possibilities. That’s better than any savings account.

How it works

1. Create your account in less than a minute

2. Fund your account by linking to bank/credit card

3. Start buying gold / silver, as little as $1

4. Save & grow, with an average of 9-14% APY

5. Spend - Use your debit card anywhere Visa is accepted


Who Says You Have To Go “All In”?

Set your savings goal to life aims (next car or a house) and round off the change on each digital transaction.


21 – 30

Risk Tolerance: Low
Goal: House / Pay off loans

Weekly Contribution: ₹10,900
Saving Period: 8 years

Projected Returns:



Risk Tolerance: High
Goal: Retirement

Monthly Contribution: ₹54,500
Retirement Age: 67

Projected Returns:



Risk Tolerance: Moderate
Goal: Build Wealth

Monthly Contribution: ₹110,000
Saving Period: 10 years

Projected Returns:

Our goal is to build your financial wellness through alternative strategies that can work for your lifestyle.

At TruCard we offer the full all-in-one convenience & enabling complete financial freedom. Unlike any other company, we at TruCard are more than capable for you.

We are building strategic partnerships with organizations like Rupay/Visa and others to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to use your TruCard debit card across the millions of locations globally.

Download the App!

Our brand new app is here!

You can download the app in the Google Play Store and be able to start saving within minutes. We are coming to the Apple Store soon!

We can’t wait for you to get started!

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