How It Works



As more investment transactions are taking place online than ever before, our customer’s security has become increasingly relevant. To give our customers peace of mind, TruCard has partnered with top-tier vaulting partners, advanced platform and prioritize data privacy.


Our vaulting partner’s class 10 storage facility is one of the most secure vaults in the world, we provide you guaranteed insured storage for your metals. Your products are protected from the time it leaves our vaults until it reaches your hands.


TruCard is committed in maintaining the privacy, dignity and protection of all of our users ‘ personal details and complies with NIST, FedRAMP, FIPS and PCIDSS.

Platform Reliability

It’s nothing to take lightly when spending your hard-earned money. Upon account development, we need two-factor authentication and each time you login with a new computer. This use of a special one-time-use code sent to your mobile phone provides your account with an additional layer of protection.

In addition, all users can log into their TruCard account at any time and access all events, from the history of transactions to the devices that have signed into the account. This summary helps each user to ensure that their account is only used in the way they plan to use it.

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